7 brilliant benefits of whey protein

Document Date Posted: 19/12/2021-10:20PM

Whey is a popular choice for protein powders because the body can digest it easily.

If you find it difficult to keep track of how much protein you’re eating or need to increase your protein intake, adding a whey protein powder shake to your diet may be the way to go.

If you’re new to the whey protein world and wondering if you should be adding it to your diet, we’ve got you covered.

Before we get into why whey protein is good for health, let’s break down what it is, why you should have it, and who it’s suited to.

What is whey protein?

Milk has two types of proteins: casein and whey. Whey is the watery part that separates from milk when it’s made into cheese. Opened up a tub of yoghurt and found a watery liquid at the top? That’s whey. It usually goes through different stages of processing to turn it into powder form.

Whey has branched amino acids or BCAAs, a select group of essential amino acids including leucine, isoleucine, and valine. BCAAs have shown to help muscle recovery after exercise; support the body in breaking down protein and help in replacing our muscle’s glycogen levels.

This makes it ideal as a post-workout shake or for athletes or body builders.

Adding whey protein to your diet can help in supporting weight loss, muscle recovery after intense exercise and reduces your risk of developing osteoporosis or fractures.

Here are 7 amazing health benefits of adding whey protein to your diet.

#1: Keeps hunger cravings away

Working from home and finding yourself reaching for snacks at 3pm? The answer to reducing those cravings is increasing protein in your meals.

Adding more protein to your diet can help you feel full throughout the day, reduce belly fat, and stop you reaching for the cookie jar during the late afternoon slump. In one study, women who increased their protein intake by 15% ate fewer calories during the day.

Good sources of protein also include; eggs, fish, chicken, nuts and plant protein like tofu. If you prefer something convenient and quick, and want to tackle those afternoon cravings, mix two scoops of Amway’s XS™ Whey Protein (vanilla or chocolate flavour) with cold water, shake and drink at home or on the go.

#2: Fills protein gaps in diet

Thanks to busy lifestyles where we are often on the go, it becomes harder to know if you’re having the recommended amount of protein in your diet. Protein shakes and bars are a good way to fill in any nutritional gaps. A side benefit of increasing your protein means you’re likely to lose weight too.

Steer clear of powders which are filled with hidden sugars, fats or extra calories. Choose a whey protein powder made from organic ingredients, with no hidden additives, fats or sugars, like this one.

Amway’s XS Whey Protein is a high-quality protein blend with 30 grams of protein in every serve, without any artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours. That’s almost half the amount of protein recommended for men and women. With organic ingredients which can be traced back to their sources, it’s a healthier option compared to commercially available whey protein powders.

#3 Supports bone health

Did you know that a low protein diet increases your risk of osteoporosis and fractures as you age? The human bone is made up of 50% protein in volume, and protein makes up a third of its mass. Not eating enough protein means your bones will become brittle as you grow older. It also slows down injury recovery.

Adding a whey protein shake to your diet like this one with 30 grams of protein will support your bone health as you grow older. This is especially important for women as their risk of developing osteoporosis increases after menopause.

#4 Boosts metabolism

Did you know eating more protein can help you burn 80 to 100 more calories every day?

Adding protein to your diet boosts your body’s ability to burn calories and increases your metabolism. Protein has a higher thermic effect than fat or carbs which means the body has to work harder to break it down in order to extract the nutrients.

Want a healthier and convenient way to take in more protein? Try our delicious XS™ Whey Protein available in chocolate or vanilla flavour. Simply mix two scoops with water, shake and sip.

#5 Helps speed up muscle recovery

Do you often feel sore after working out?

Boost your muscle recovery by drinking a whey protein shake straight after your workout. Whey protein has essential amino acids which help in repairing your muscles, prevents you from losing muscle, and helps build muscle mass for that lean look.

Drinking a whey protein shake also helps maximise the benefits of your workout and keeps you burning calories long after you’ve finished exercising.

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#6 Supports weight loss

Research shows that increasing the amount of protein you consume can lead to significant weight loss, less snacking and fewer calories consumed. Whey protein powder can help you lose weight when used as part of a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Plus, amino acids from protein are essential for those leading active lifestyles as it helps to repair muscles and help the body perform essential functions for good health.

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#7 Supports skin health

Eating enough protein is necessary for good skin, hair and strong nails. Protein has amino acids which helps the body to produce keratin, a key ingredient in strong hair and nails. It also helps the body produce collagen and elastin which keeps skin looking youthful.

Not eating enough protein can lead to hair loss, flaky skin, and brittle nails.

Interested in adding whey protein to your diet? Check out our delicious high protein, creamy shake containing a nutritious blend of branch chain amino acids and superfoods which help to support lean muscle growth.

It’s high in protein and low in fat and perfect for physically active individuals wanting to increase their protein intake.

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*Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women. Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision.

*Formulated Supplementary Sports Food.

*This product is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with an appropriate physical training or exercise program.