Our Values


Amway began in 1959 with two young entrepreneurs in the United States. Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel were sales reps for a vitamin company called NUTRILITE®.

Amway was formed to put their sales and marketing vision in motion.

From the very beginning, Rich and Jay had a strong vision to ‘help people live better lives’.

Starting with a single product, L.O.C.® Multipurpose Cleaner, the company quickly evolved its product base and expanded internationally.

Today, Amway is a top 30 US privately owned company with more than 1 million Independent Business Owners (IBO) around the world.

Each of these entrepreneurs is able to use Amway's products, training and support to build their own business and share in the profits.

Our Founders Fundamentals of Family, Freedom, Hope and Reward have guided Amway for over 50 years.

These values also guide our One By One Campaign for Children, which has helped over 12 million children and donated US $250 million since 2003.

Amway recognises the importance of family in everything we do.

The family is our primary social structure, providing love and nurturing, heritage and legacy.

We believe freedom to make your own choices is paramount.

Freedom is our natural state and the most conducive environment in which to live, work, achieve and grow. It allows for the opportunity to build a meaningful, purposeful life.

Hope is at the centre of the human condition.

Hope gives us the power to transform our lives in positive ways.

It is a force that allows us to envision dreams, establish goals and achieve great things.

By offering hope, we open windows of possibility for others and it is why Amway speaks so meaningfully to the needs of people around the world.

Reward is an integral part of life and should be commensurate with effort. Reward involves the action of giving and receiving. It helps us grow either as the giver or recipient.

There are many ways we are rewarded. At the most basic it is to be acknowledged and loved as a person.

To be rewarded also means to be recognised for one’s commitments, valued for one’s contributions and compensated for one's efforts. Reward helps productivity flourish by providing both closure for one action and impetus for a new action.