The key focus of the Amway One By One Foundation has always been children and we have supported many worthy children’s charities over the years. One of these charities includes HeartKids, a valued partnership that has lasted for over 6 years.

HeartKids is a registered Health Charity dedicated to providing support to families of children with heart disease, be it congenital (born with) or acquired.

They deliver support to children with heart disease and their families by:

  • Providing high quality INFORMATION AND SUPPORT services for those with Childhood Heart Disease (CHD) and their families
  • Driving world class RESEARCH into the causes, treatment and management of CHD to improve the quality of life and reduce the incidence and mortality rates
  • ADVOCATING for the needs of children with CHD and their families
  • Raising AWARENESS of this devastating disease and its impact on the lives of children and their families

We invite you to partner with the Amway One by One Foundation to help raise funds for HeartKids from Monday, 2 July to Monday, 31 December 2018. 


  • Add a donation to your order: To add a $1 donation with your order, DONATE HERE or add the item number #55 to your shopping cart.  If you wish to donate more, just increase the quantity against the donation item.
  • Make a donation only: If you don’t have an order to place, but just like to donate, go straight to the shopping cart after logging in, and add item #55 to your cart. This adds a $1 donation, and if you wish to donate more, just increase the quantity against the donation item. When you proceed to check out, a delivery fee will appear. Please proceed with the delivery fee, as it will be removed from your invoice when the order is being processed. You will NOT be charged the delivery fee. 
  • Donate at our Business Centres and Stores: Add a donation to your order at the counter, or place a gold coin in the donation boxes.

Thank you for joining the Amway One By One Foundation in raising funds for these hospitals so they can continue to provide the help that these children and their families need!