Weight Loss Made Fun With BodyKey® App 2.0

BodyKey® App 2.0 is designed to support your weight management goals by offering a personalised weight management program that incorporates exciting challenges to help create a fun approach to weight management. It also offers a great variety of food advice and gives you the opportunity to make friends and get rewarded!

Live Healthy

The BodyKey App is like your 24-hour coach, providing you with the support you need to make healthy lifestyle changes from food to exercise. To simplify this transition and encourage a positive lifestyle change, we have improved the overall interface of the App to make it more engaging and user-friendly. In addition, our updated meal plans now offer a diverse range of foods to cater for a variety of users from vegetarian to gluten free meals.

Get Rewarded

A series of fitness challenges have been added to the BodyKey App, giving you mini goals to attempt every day (quests). Your progress will be tracked through the InBody BAND, which will sync to the BodyKey App. You will also have the opportunity to level up and win keys by completing quests and challenges.

Now, you can create your own challenges and compete with others locally or across the region, to motivate you in accomplishing your fitness goals.

  • Send one-on-one challenges
  • Create a team of four to compete against another team
  • Form a group to individually compete against each other
  • Participate in Amway® organised challenges

During these challenges, you will have the opportunity to win Keys to level up and you can use the new chat function to communicate your team to ensure you all stay on track!

 Make Friends

With the ability to challenge other users across the region, you will be able to make new friends and stay motivated. Also, if you choose for your data to be displayed publicly, you can compare your keys and level achieved, which are displayed on local and regional online ranking boards. This allows you to compare fitness scores with your friends and benchmark your efforts with others.



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