Why BodyKey® by NUTRIWAY®

The BodyKey® by NUTRIWAY® program is a comprehensive weight management program that is all about YOU! BodyKey fits into your lifestyle, is easy to follow and provides you with a personalised path to your health and wellness goals, at the convenience of your mobile phone. So what makes the BodyKey by NUTRIWAY Program so unique?

  •  BodyKey Assessment

“Our patent pending NUTRILITE® Health Institute BodyKey Assessment provides individual plan recommendations” - Keith Randolph, Nutrilite Technology Strategist.

The BodyKey Personal Assessment is a clinically backed questionnaire, based on scientifically validated methods known to give the greatest impact on weight management. It is a comprehensive, global assessment evaluating an individual’s results in six key lifestyle components that our scientists believe, from their extensive research and studies, are critical to success: diet, physical activity, mindset, stress, sleep and meal habits. It also uses your results to generate personalised, research-based recommendations that when followed, makes it easier for individuals to lose weight and keep it off.

  •  Simple Tools

BodyKey App 2.0 is accessible for all to download and is like your personal 24-hour coach that guides you on your meal and exercise plan at the convenience of your mobile phone. It reports your progress when you sync it with the InBodyBAND - a wearable fitness device that tracks your body composition, heart rate, steps and calories to name a few. Together, these tools offer you a seamless experience in your weight management journey. If you lack the self-discipline to achieve your weight loss or fitness goals, there are also challenges and quests that you can complete to help you stay on track. Get started today to get rewarded and level up!

  •  Effective Products

Clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of a meal replacement shake combined with exercise and diet for weight loss and ongoing weight management.

Did you know that the BodyKey by NUTRIWAY Meal Replacement Shake is the #1 meal replacement shake globally that contains no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners, or preservatives?***

BodyKey by NUTRIWAY Meal Replacement Shakes are scientifically formulated as a well-balanced meal. They contain 23 vitamins and minerals to provide you at least one third of your daily nutritional needs whilst controlling your calorie intake. Available in two flavours – Chocolate and Vanilla.

BodyKey offers a program to help you lose 8kg in just 8 weeks. The program is broken down into two parts:

Step 1: BodyKey 4 Week JumpStart Pack

This pack contains all the essentials you need to get started on your weight loss journey to success. The pack includes:

1 x BodyKey Meal Replacement - Chocolate

1 x BodyKey Meal Replacement - Vanilla

1 x NUTRIWAY All Plant Protein Powder

1 x NUTRIWAY Fibre Blend Chewable

1 x InBody BAND Device

1 x BodyKey App Master Code

PLUS 10% Discount (Already applied to pack)

Step 2: BodyKey Top Up Pack

Once you have completed the first 4 weeks of the BodyKey Program, this pack provides a top up for you to continue your 8 week weight loss journey to lose 8kg. This pack includes:

1 x BodyKey Meal Replacement - Chocolate

1 x BodyKey Meal Replacement - Vanilla

1 x NUTRIWAY All Plant Protein Powder

1 x NUTRIWAY Fibre Blend Chewable

Get started today to unlock your weight loss plan to success with the BodyKey 8 Week Program.


*NUTRILITE products are sold as a NUTRIWAY products in Australia and New Zealand **Source: Euromonitor International Limited. www.euromonitor.com/amway-claims 2015 ***Source: “BodyKey by NUTRILITE Shake limited to powder form, Global Brand rankings based on: Source Euromonitor International Limited; Packaged food, Meal Replacement Slimming, UBN, Retail Value RSP, % breakdown 2015. Consider consulting your healthcare professional before beginning any diet or fitness program.