NUTRIWAY® All Plant Protein is a high quality protein supplement from three plant sources. It contains a unique tri-blend of soy, wheat, and pea protein to give you the right combination of amino acids to help keep you feeling healthy and energetic, without animal products or dairy side effects.

FACT 1 - One Serve Is Equivalent To The Protein Source Of About 2 Eggs

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends we eat 0.83 grams of high-quality protein per kilogram of body weight per day. For a person weighing 60 kg, that’s almost 50 grams of protein each day – or the equivalent of eight eggs.1 NUTRIWAY All Plant Protein can help you achieve your daily intake of protein with one serve equivalent to the protein source of about 2 eggs.

FACT 2 - A Cholesterol Free Protein

When compared to protein foods of animal origin, All Plant Protein Powder is lower in saturated fat and free of cholesterol helping to support general wellbeing and support you on your weight management journey.

FACT 3 - Helps Increase Satiety

NUTRIWAY All Plant Protein can be an effective part of a weight management routine as it offers a low fat, low carb protein alternative. Consuming a higher percentage of calories from protein helps to reduce appetite and control hunger.

FACT 4 - High Quality And Digestible Protein Source

The soy in our NUTRIWAY All Plant Protein Powder has a protein digestibility corrected amino acid score of one (PDCAAS = 1), which means it provides your body with a high quality source of protein (like meat, eggs, dairy) and the necessary amino acids to help maintain muscle mass.



Reference: 1. WHO, ‘Protein And Amino Acid Requirements In Human Nutrition’, Page 126
Always use as directed and please consult your medical professional if you are taking medications. If symptoms persist please consult with your medical professional.