Welcome to the Amway Website Help Booklet. Whatever your challenge may be we have you covered. Please use this book to find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

If you are still experiencing problems, please call our Regional Contact Centre on 1800 45 46 47 (Australia) or 0800 611 611 (New Zealand)


If you are having problems logging on to the Amway website, ensure that you have the correct ID Number and password. Amway passwords are case sensitive. Check that the ‘Caps Lock’ is not on or try the password in different case variations.

Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password, click the ‘Forgotten Your Password?’ link on the login page. This will allow you to get a new password. The link is located directly underneath the Loginbox on the right hand side of the login panel.

Simply enter your user ID and submit. An email will be sent to your stored email address advising to click on the link on the email to change your password. Your password must be a mini- mum of 7 characters and alpha numeric.

Change password

Click on My Business’ located at the top of the page and select ‘Personal Details’ from the drop down. This link takes you to the Personal Details page where all personal details can be changed. Scroll down to ‘Password’ and click on Update on the right hand side of the page.

You are required to enter your current password followed by the new password twice. Once you change the password and click ‘Submit’ you will receive a confirmation screen. This advises that the change was successful.

Registration Options

Become an IBO

Registering as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) allows you to purchase our products at whole sale price. Access to our proven business plan means that you can design your business to provide some extra cash, or fully replace and exceed your current income. You will also have full access to our monthly publications.

To register as an IBO you’ll need the ID Number of an existing IBO. Please contact the person who directed you to this site or call 1800 45 46 47 (Australia) or 0800 611 611 (New Zealand). Our operators will provide you with a contact number for an IBO to guide you through the registration process.

Visit the Start A Business section on the Amway website to learn about our world-famous products and about our successful Sales and Marketing Plan.

Become a Client

Registering as a Client provides you access to our entire range of products with no commitments and no joining fee.

To register as a Client you’ll need the ID Number of an existing IBO. If you don’t know an IBO, please call 1800 45 46 47 47 (Australia) or 0800 611 611 (New Zealand).


Independent Business Owners contracted to AMWAY are required to renew their business by the 31st of December each year. Current Members renew each year on the anniversary of their joining. Clients do not need to renew.

Personal Details

Your personal details can be details can be changed on the Amway website by selecting the ‘My Details’ button at the top of the website.

You can change:

Your Address
Your Delivery Address
Your Contact Phone Numbers
Your Email Address,and
Your Stored Credit Card Details

Select the appropriate area you wish to change within the ‘My Details’ section of by clicking on the ‘Update’ button. Update your details and select OK (when changing your credit card details you will be required to log in again as a security measure and will then be able to update credit card details for your primary and secondary credit card). After selecting OK you will receive a confirmation screen. This advises that the change was successful and logs the date and time of the change along with a reference number.

Please note your name cannot be changed on A letter requesting a name change must be mailed or faxed with a copy of the appropriate legal documentation to:

AMWAY of Australia Business Unit

Private Bag 94401

Fax: 0800 432 967

Shopping Online

Browse online using the menu bars available such as Health, Beauty, Bath & Body and More Products. Each menu has subsequent menus which will assist with locating specific brands or products. View product information by selecting the item name or product image; this will provide you with the features and benefits along with the Price, PV and BV. Simply add the item to your cart by selecting the ‘Add to Cart’ button. You will see the number of items in your cart increase, located at the top right hand corner of your Amway Website.

Search Function

You can enter a key word or item number if known into the search box and click on ‘Search’ the search engine will display products that best match your query.

Creating an Order by Your Shopping Cart

Creating an order is simple, click on the ‘Buy Now’ link available via Quick links on your dashboard page or click on the shopping cart icon located on the top right of your Amway website to start shopping. If you know your VS/QO numbers simply enter these into the Item field. You will be helped by our new predictive text which provides the item number and name for yours election.

Your cart will automatically check the availability of your items once you choose to proceed with the order, any items that fail the availability check will be clearly indicated with the options to remove or back order the item where applicable.

If the item is in stock and available for purchase, a green check-mark will appear. If the item is not available or out of stock, item will be highlighted in red.

Where the Item is not available but can be placed on back order the item will be highlighted in orange.

Check Out

When you have confirmed the items on your order, click on the ‘Next’ button to continue on to Step 2

Delivery & Payment:


Gives you the option to use stored delivery details (as per your Personal Details) or nominate another address. You need to select a delivery method (regular, express or pick-up) and select your payment method. Please note: The stored delivery address uses the delivery instructions stored with them. If you choose an alternate address you must also click the appropriate tick box, otherwise the alternate address will be ignored. Any delivery instructions will need to be added in the box provided.


Credit Cards

We accept Visa and MasterCard. The Amway website uses the industry standard in encryption technology (SSL) to encrypt all payment details provided on the website. As an additional security measure, payment details are not stored on servers that are connected to the Internet. Please Note: Payment by non stored credit cards require a CVC/CVV number to be entered.

Checking Out

Click on ‘Checkout’ to complete your order.


A message will display advising the order is being processed, once the order has been confirmed you will be notified with a message that will appear at the bottom of the page.Your Shopping History will be also updated. To navigate to the Shopping History for more information, Click on ‘My Business’ and select ‘Shopping History’.

Technical Support

Display Size

The website is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1280x800 or higher. If the content runs off the right-hand side of the screen it may be that the screen resolution is set too low.

Supported Browsers

Certain elements on the website behave differently depending upon the browser software and computer you use.

To ensure that you get the best possible experience, we recommend:

Chrome 45 or greater
Firefox 41 or greater
Safari 9 or greater
Internet Explorer 10 or greater

Cookie Blocking

The website requires the use of cookies to be able to access the site correctly. Most browsers accept these by default. If you are prompted to accept cookies from the website, please click ‘accept’ or ‘OK’. Some browsers, anti-virus programs and firewalls are configured to block cookies. Should this be the case, cookies will need to be explicitly enabled for the Amway website or enabled for all websites. Each system has its own method of achieving this,please refer to the help facility of that program.