Congratulations Punjapon Jureegasa and Paradee Piyanantawarin

Punjapon Jureegasa and Paradee Piyanantawarin - Diamonds

Punjapon and Paradee have always been goal setters. When they first started their Amway business, they realised timelines and following their upline would be the keys to their success. It has helped them achieve Diamond in Australia, so it really works!

Align life and business goals

“We decided to build a second business in Australia to prove that Amway is a global business. The success we’ve had is due to our life goal aligning with our business goal – both goals work in harmony, so it’s easy. Once we set our goals, we then decided on a timeline to match these goals. Everything we did from then on was prioritised against the timeline and goals. For example, we set monthly goals and then did whatever it took to reach that goal each month,” said Punjapon.

“We also identified our passion and defined what success means to us. We managed our time well and worked on things that helped us achieve our goals,” said Paradee.
Is being Diamond worth all the hard work they’ve put in over the years? “It’s more than worth it! Anyone who’s not afraid of hard work should direct it towards their Amway business. Give it all you’ve got and you’ll see huge benefits,” said the couple.

The Diamond lifestyle

Some of the benefits the couple have already experienced include; freedom to do exactly what they’ve always dreamed of, happiness in following their life’s purpose of helping others and peace of mind from the reoccuringincome earned.
“We love Amway because it’s the only business that can help us see how we can make this world a better place. Being a Diamond is not only about building a large business and income, but also about making other people’s lives better. We’ve shown our team that if we can achieve Diamond, they can too. Our mantra is forget all problems, focus on the goal,” explained Paradee.

Motivating the team

How do they keep such a large team motivated? “We often tell our team to work hard, align themselves with their upline and attend all meetings. Another key ingredient for success is to believe in people, that everyone can do this well and make it. We encourage our team to listen to successful people and focus on self-development ” explains Punjapon.
Technology also plays a big part in running their business. “We buy products online and use videos for product demonstrations. The online tools help us keep in touch with our team and expand our business into different countries,” said Paradee.

Think of others first

“The top three skills you need to succeed in any business are; first, people skills - every great leader has an ability to see into people's hearts. You have to let people love you, but you have to love them first. Secondly, how to prioritise - the most successful person is not the one who works the hardest, it’s the person who does the important work first. Finally be self-motivated - in any business, no one will motivate you except yourself,” said Punjapon.
The couple said their people-centred leadership style is inspired by Rich DeVos’s philosophy. “He was a special man who always lived with purpose and compassion for others. Rich’s generosity and giving spirit has inspired us. He also created endless opportunities for people around the world, and taught us to think of others before ourselves,” they said.