Privacy & Security

We recognise that your privacy is very important to you and to most people who use the Internet. Our Privacy Policy is detailed below and we suggest that you read it thoroughly. This policy may change from time to time and all changes will be posted on this Web Site so please check back periodically. We collect personal information only if you are or become an Independent Business Owner (IBO) or VIP Client and we use that information mainly to help us understand your needs so that we may better service them.

By using the Amway Web Site, you consent to our collection and use of your personal information as detailed in this Privacy Policy. The types of personal information that we may collect from you and how we use it will depend on how you use this Web Site and upon your status as an IBO or VIP Client.


Amway respects your privacy. We will never rent or sell your personal information. To unsubscribe from Marketing emails,click here.

To make your personal information confidential from your immediate upline, contact us on 0800 611 611.


We understand that when shopping on the Internet security is of paramount importance to you. We guarantee that all reasonable precautions to protect your transactions have been taken so that you can have as safe and secure a shopping experience as can be reasonably provided.

When you place orders on, your transactions are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology, the industry standard in e-commerce transaction security. Encryption scrambles the information transmitted across the Internet, including your credit card number, name and address. SSL also verifies the identity of the server and confirms that the original message arrives safely at its destination.

You can also be assured that your details are not stored on computers directly connected to the Internet and that personal information such as Credit Card numbers which you may choose to store, are stored in our back-end system and not anywhere on the Amway web site. Details, such as your password, which must be stored within the system are encrypted using standard industry methods.

When you enter the secure areas of the Amway web site you will see a padlock symbol in the right hand corner of your screen. This indicates that the screen is in secure mode and any details you provide on this screen will be encrypted for your security.


If you wish to register as an IBO, the personal information you must provide includes your: first name; surname; postal address; delivery address; telephone number; sex and date of birth. Other information such as additional telephone numbers and your e-mail address may be requested but you do not have to provide these details unless you so choose.

To register as an IBO, an existing IBO will need to submit an IBO application on your behalf. If your application is submitted electronically through this site, you will also have to submit a printed copy of the IBO Application to Amway.

In addition to providing the information specified above in the All Users section, the second applicant's first name, surname, sex and date of birth must also be provided in the event that you are applying as a partnership.

If you register electronically as an IBO, a temporary password and your Amway identification number will be allocated to you at the time your registration is processed. Your IBO number will also be provided to your sponsoring IBO in the confirmation email sent to your sponsor following registration. This, together with your identification number will enable you to access the password protected areas of this Web Site.

If you did not register electronically and do not have a password, please contact the Regional Contact centre on 0800 611 611.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your PIN and should not let anyone know what it is unless you expressly wish them to.


Personal Details
In addition to the registration process we may ask users for personal information at other times including, without limitation, when you enter any promotional competitions or when you make a purchase using the Amway Web Site. Furthermore, if you contact us for any reason, we may keep a record of that communication. Finally, if you participate in any on line surveys, we may keep a record of the information provided by you.

Payment Details
You may, if you wish, select to register your credit card details with us on a secure IBM Oracle system for easy authorised access at a later time.


Your personal information may be used by us and our wholly and partly owned subsidiary companies for a number of purposes including, without limitation, research and statistical analysis and marketing.

In terms of marketing, from time to time we will send out promotional and marketing materials about such things as great product offers or new Web Site features to users who are 18 years and older.


VIP Clients
Unless otherwise specified or required by law or unless it is necessary for the purposes of performing services with respect to your use of this Web Site, we will not share your personal information with third parties, however your name, identification number, contact details and the value of the purchases you have made, will be made available to your referring or sponsoring IBO, or the current IBO servicing you. In addition, IBOs upline in your referring IBO's line of sponsorship will have access to your identification number and the value of your purchases, but not your name and contact details.

We will disclose your personal information (excluding credit card and bank account details) to your sponsoring IBO and your Platinum IBO so that they may fulfil their sponsoring duties. If necessary for business purposes, your personal information may also be disclosed to more senior IBO's in your referring IBOs Line of Sponsorship or Line of Affiliation. Your sponsor and your upline Platinum IBO and other Platinum IBO's in your Line of Sponsorship or Line of Affiliation are independent business owners who are obliged to use your personal information in a manner consistent with the IBO Rules of Conduct and with the Terms of Use of the Amway Web Site.

IBO Stored Payment Details
If you opt for your credit card details to be stored on Amway’s back-end computer system, this stored information, may not be accessed by a third party unless you authorise your referring or sponsoring IBO, or the current IBO servicing you, to place orders on your behalf and to use the stored information for payment purposes. You may authorise the relevant IBO by:

  • providing them with your credit card details
  • signing and returning to Amway, an "Authorisation to Use Payment Options" form which allows your upline to use your stored payment details for Ditto Delivery, without seeing the details

Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, we expressly discourage you from sharing your credit card details.


The Amway Web Site contains a number of links to the sites of Partner Stores and other third parties which provide additional information, materials, shopping and various goods and services for your convenience and benefit. You may also access the Amway Web Site through the personal web site of an IBO.

All third party web sites are owned and operated independently. They have their own privacy policies and practices. Any information you provide to these linked third party web sites will be dealt with in accordance with their respective privacy policies and practices. We have no responsibility or liability for the independent policies or practices of these independent sites.

Partner Stores who operate Web Sites linked to the Amway Site, are obligated to provide information about your purchases from their web sites so that we may credit you and your referring or sponsoring IBO appropriately.


This site is a business and commercial site. It is, therefore, not recommended for use by persons who are under 18 years of age. You may not become an IBO or VIP Client until you are 18 years old.

If you are under 18, you should speak to your parents, your guardian, or a responsible adult and obtain their permission to use this site. Promotional and marketing materials will not be sent to persons who are under 18 years of age.

Changes & Questions

Should you wish to change, update or otherwise modify any personal information you may do so in the My Details section of this site when logged on as an IBO or VIP Client.

If you have any questions concerning Amway's Privacy Policy please don't hesitate to contact the Amway Legal Department on 0800 611 611 or Australia 02 9854 8100.