Health & Beauty STAR Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

It is important that you read and understand these terms and conditions. If you are unsure of any part of this program, you are encouraged to contact your State Sales Manager in Australia or Manager in New Zealand for clarification.

  1. Information on how to enter the Health and Beauty Star Program (“the Program”) and prize details form part of the terms and conditions of entry.
  2. Definitions:
    Qualifying period: The qualifying period for the Program is 1 February 2021 through to 31 August 2021. An IBO must have achieved the qualification requirements within this period.

    PPV: Any volume (attributable to products or services) purchased by an IBO for personal use, or is visible to Amway as registered customer sales.

    Health and Beauty PPV or Health and Beauty Volume: For the purposes of the Program, Beauty PPV only includes ARTISTRY (including ARTISTRY Men) volume and Health PPV only includes NUTRIWAY volume which is purchased by an IBO for personal use or visible to Amway as registered customer sales and does not include PV generated from other Amway brands or Amway partner store commissions.

    PGV: Includes an IBOs own PPV and their group volume (attributable to products or services) purchased by an IBO for personal use, or is visible to Amway as registered customer sales.

  3. Entry is open to all Amway Independent Business Owners (“IBOs”) of Amway of Australia or Amway of New Zealand, who are resident in Australia or New Zealand and have registered as IBOs before 1 March 2021. An IBO must be active, with a renewed business, as of 1 March, 2021. For the avoidance of doubt, the program and all associated prizes are open to Australian and New Zealand residents only.
  4. Entry is via opt in only. To participate in the program, IBOs and Platinums must complete the opt in form that will be sent via email.
  5. Any new IBO who registers their Amway business after 1 March, 2021 will not be eligible to participate in the Program.
  6. The qualifying period for the Program is 7 months from 1 February, 2021 to 31 August 2021 (“Qualifying Period”).
  7. The participating IBO’s seven month Base Volume for the Program is determined by the bonus period average ARTISTRY or NUTRIWAY PPV (average PGV for Platinums) achieved across all products between 1 January and 31 December 2020 divided by 12 months then multiplied by 7.
  8. If an IBO joined Amway during 2020, the PPV and PGV base will be calculated on their total volume achieved in 2020 divided by the number of months in the business. For example, if an IBO joined Amway in March 2020, the Beauty PPV and PGV base will be calculated on the total volume achieved in 2020 divided by 10 months. This equates to the average monthly base which is multiplied by 7 months to a calculated total of 7 month base.
  9. PPV for the Program is restricted to Health and/or Beauty PPV, that being NUTRIWAY and/or ARTISTRY™ and ARTISTRY Men products only. PPV targets exclude PV received from Amway partner store commissions or any other Amway brands.
  10. Personal PV for the purpose of the Artistry and Nutriway Star Program DOES NOT include any volume where an upline IBO has placed an order on behalf of a downline IBO and allocated the volume and PV accordingly. Artistry and Nutriway personal PV only includes those orders placed directly by the individual IBO individual applicant(s) named on the IBO-ship.
  11. A qualifying month is determined by the participating IBO achieving a minimum of 200PPV in NUTRIWAY or ARTISTRY at least 5 out of 7 months.
  12. If an IBO’s 7 month average PPV base in 2020 is less than 1400 PPV or if they are a new IBO with no PPV history, their program target will automatically be set at 1400 PPV. This is due to the minimum 200 Health or Beauty PPV requirement in at least five out of seven months, which contributes towards an IBO’s total PPV.
  13. Program is open to IBOs and Platinums (for mentoring qualification only therefore the Platinum criteria includes downlines qualifying). 26 IBOs and 4 Platinums will qualify for the Health and Beauty Star rewards
  14. IBO qualifiers will be the top 26 IBOs (13 for health and 13 for beauty) with the highest PV GROWTH in ARTISTRY or NUTRIWAY for the period Feb – August 2021 and meet the following criteria:
    • a. All qualifying IBO’s must qualify for the Bronze Builder Incentive at the conclusion of the program.
    • b. All IBO’s are also strongly encouraged to complete the Bronze Builder Incentive elearning training module.
    • c. Base calculated by averaging the previous 12 month period (per month).
    • d. Total minimum 1400 PPV in ARTISTRY or Nutriway over the 7 month period.
    • e. Minimum 200 PPV in ARTISTRY or Nutriway for 5 out of the 7 months.
    • f. Must have at least 50pv per month from verified customers for 5 out of 7 months and a total of 350PV from verified customers over the 7 month period.
    • g. Total Amway business must grow or be maintained.
    • h. Must have completed the NEW ARTISTRY Startup program or the Nutriway. Masterclass Series in the period from March – August 2021.
  15. Platinum qualifiers will be the top 4 Platinums (2 for health and 2 for beauty) with at least 2 downline qualifiers and the highest PGV in NUTRIWAY or ARTISTRY over the 7 month period
    • a. The qualifying Platinum’s businesses are required to be structured so that they are balanced, sustainable and profitable in addition to being in good standing and abiding by the Amway rules of conduct.
    • b. Must have at least 2 IBO qualifiers in the program.
    • c. Must grow by at least 5% in NUTRIWAY or ARTISTRY PGV over prior year.
    • d. Minimum 700 PPV achieved over the 7 month period.
    • e. Total Amway business must grow or be maintained.
    • f. Must have completed the NEW ARTISTRY Startup program or the Nutriway brand Ambassador program in the period from March – August 2021.
    • g. The qualifying Platinums will be asked to do a short presentation at the event.
  16. Prize: weekend getaway
    The top 26 IBOs and top 4 Platinums who meet all qualifying criteria of the Program and these terms and conditions will be invited to a weekend at Sofitel, Broadbeach, QLD on 29th – 31st October, 2021.
  17. Only one person’s name registered on the business will be invited to attend the weekend, even if there are two partners on the business. If the second person whose name is registered on the qualifying business is interested in attending, they will be required to travel at their own cost, with Amway’s approval and at Amway’s complete discretion, including accommodation and transfers. The estimated cost of full participation in the weekend program, excluding airfares, will be provided if requested.
  18. The weekend trip is designed exclusively for individual IBOs who qualify. There are no opportunities for children to attend, unless agreed to in advance, in writing and at Amway’s complete discretion.
  19. The weekend away includes return airfares from the IBO’s nearest capital city, 2 nights’ accommodation at the Sofitel Broadbeach plus meals and activities to be advised. Any additional activities not listed in Amway’s final itinerary are at the IBO’s own expense. Travel will be paid from the IBOs registered Australia or New Zealand address and not from any location outside Australia or New Zealand.
  20. Participating IBOs must, at a minimum, maintain their 2020 PPV and PGV across all other (non-ARTISTRY or NUTRIWAY) Amway products and services to be eligible to participate throughout the duration of the Program.
  21. In exceptional cases where toggle back occurs , the PV related to ARTISTRY or Nutriway Volume cannot, under any circumstances, be included as growth volume for ARTISTRY or Nutriway PPV during the qualifying period.
  22. Volume targets will not change during the program if an IBO within your group achieves Platinum qualification. If an IBO with your group resigns from the Amway business, their volume will remain in your base target.
  23. All returns of health or products that contribute to the Personal PV requirements for the Program will be adjusted in the month the product is returned. If any products returned exceed 400PPV in Australia or 200PPV in New Zealand, the Amway Rules of Conduct require that the PV be reworked to the original month of purchase.
  24. All participants acknowledge that the Rules of Conduct for Amway IBOs are applicable and must be adhered to, including any related policies. Any IBO found to be in breach of the Rules of Conduct or any Amway policy will be disqualified. The Rules of Conduct for Amway IBOs can be found at or
  25. All IBOs must be in good standing with Amway to participate and receive an award under the Program. Any IBO found not to be in good standing with Amway will be disqualified, at the complete discretion of Amway.
  26. If an IBO is in default on instalment finance on volume that contributes to their qualification under the Program, Amway reserves the right to withhold the qualification and award until the debt is resolved
  27. While care is taken in the preparation and communication of the Program data, Amway specifically disclaims liability for error or omission in the data or for the consequences accruing to the IBOs who act in reliance on the data.
  28. Amway will audit all qualifications of participants in the Program and reserves the right to amend or withdraw the qualification of IBOs who have not complied with these terms and conditions, who have breached the Rules of Conduct in any way or who have manipulated volume, or manipulated the Sales and Marketing Plan, to gain an advantage under the Program.
  29. The top 26 IBO qualifiers will not be disclosed to any IBO until the conclusion of the program. No information will be made available to any Upline leader.
  30. Following the conclusion of the Program, no correspondence will be entered into with respect to the determination of the winners.v
  31. Except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law, Amway (including its respective officers, employees and agents) excludes all liability (including negligence) for any personal injury which may be suffered or sustained during the course of the Program or when redeeming a prize or attending a prize weekend; or any loss or damage (including loss of opportunity) whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, arising in any way from the Program.
  32. If the Program is interfered with in any way, or is not capable of being conducted in its entirely as anticipated due to any reason beyond the control of Amway, Amway reserves the right in its sole discretion and to the fullest extent permitted by law to: (a) disqualify any participant and/or (b) modify, suspend, terminate or cancel the Program or any part of the Program, as appropriate.
  33. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time by Amway without notice.
  34. The Program is run by Amway of Australia, ABN 49 004 807 756, Level 12, 67 Albert Avenue, Chatswood, NSW 2067, Australia phone: (02) 9854 8100; and Amway of New Zealand, 6A Pacific Rise, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1060, New Zealand.