Amway Events ANZ

Stay Updated On The Go!

The Amway Events App is a simple, convenient way to have instant access to the latest event details, times, locations and business centre what's on activities.

  • Quick, convenient and easy to use, this handy little app provides downloadable Event Guides bursting with information, to use online or offline.
  • Browse interactive maps, link to session content and check out information on exhibitions, demos and social activities at-a-glance!
  • Instantly create calendar schedules with alerts, set up to-do lists and receive notifications on updates to event information.
  • With everything fully synced to keep details up to date on your phone, tablet and PC, you're ready to cover every event like a pro!
  • Prepare - download Event Guides to review all event information and session details, online or offline
  • Plan - check locations, session times and social activities.
  • Go Pro - Select and confirm your choice for instant calendar scheduling with alerts, set up to-do lists and manage your meetings

How to get Amway Events ANZ?

  • Go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and download the Amway Central ANZ app
  • Open Amway Central ANZ app and navigate to the folder: My Apps & Sites
  • Scroll down in the folder and find “Amway Events ANZ”. Tap on it to download.
  • When the download is completed. Open it up and you’re ready to go!