About Autoship

Now there are even more product available on the “Special” Products List for IBOs and Customers to benefit from! On top of Automatic Coupon Redemption.

Autoship provides you with a fast, flexible and convenient way to buy products month after month without the stress of re-ordering. The best way to never run out of your favourite Amway products again.


These products carry a special discount when added to your Autoship. DOWNLOAD the Product list.



Easy and simple to set up in no time at all.


Create and update your AUTOSHIP to suit you.


Your products shipped to you like clock-work.

So get onboard and create your Autoship order today allowing IBOs to focus on growing their business to new heights!


Why Autoship

Key Features and Benefits of AUTOSHIP

Benefit for Customers

Create your Autoship and place an Autoship order that’s valued at $100 and receive Free Delivery.
Save 5% on Autoship special products on every Autoship order*
Please note: The Price value required, is post promotional discounts applied.

Benefit for IBOs

For IBOs, place an Autoship order that’s worth 100+PV and receive Free Delivery. This benefit applies to both Australia and New Zealand.
Save 15% on 3rd iteration per Autoship on Autoship special products and receive full PV/BV*
Please note: The PV and Price value are post promotional discounts applied.

Choose a Date

Schedule your AUTOSHIP order to be placed on a date that suits you. This allows you to work towards timing your delivery around other commitments you have, providing convenience.

Individual Product Scheduling

AUTOSHIP allows you to pick each product, and select a frequency, quantity, dispatch start month, and status (active or paused) for each of the products individually. This takes away the need for maintaining several lists or versions.

AUTOSHIP Dashboard

Shows you a snap-shot of all your products, their quantity, frequency, next dispatch, status, PV/BV and Price at one go. You can update any products from this central dashboard.

Next Order Summary

A convenient way for you to quickly and easily view the high-level details of your next order including the date your order will drop, price and PV. The Next Order Summary even tells you how long until your order closes; this is the time you have left to update your AUTOSHIP before the order is placed.


It's as easy as…

1. Shop & Schedule your products at one go

2. Add your delivery schedule & payment details only once

Once your AUTOSHIP is set up, you will be alerted every month on what’s in your AUTOSHIP, so you can be assured that it’s on track without having to do anything further. If you need to update your choices, just click on AUTOSHIP in your Mini My Account at the top right of the header to be taken to your AUTOSHIP dashboard. This is where you can make your updates at any time!


These products carry a special discount when added to your Autoship. DOWNLOAD the Product list.