Incentives and Recognitions

As an Amway Independent Business Owner, not only do you have the potential to earn money, but there are great incentives on offer for you too!

Chart Your Course (CYC)

With the CYC Program, New IBOs can begin experiencing the great products on offer by using the product vouchers that they can earn as they go. With $500 in products savings within the very first 90 days of starting their Amway Business, it gives every new IBO the chance to try products and buy the ones they love to on-sell right away. This program gives New IBOs a head-start in their business, allowing them to try more products and also allowing them to experience incentives that the business offers upfront.

Growth Incentive Program (GIP)

The Growth Incentive Program has many great incentives that Amway has to offer including cash bonuses/rebates, travel incentives and recognition programs.

Travel is one of the truly wonderful benefits of owning an Amway business. Every year, thousands of people participate in memorable trips around the globe as reward for their achievements with Amway.

Some of the amazing destinations that GIP 2018 has to offer include the New Platinum Seminar at the Gold Coast, Achievers 2018 at Nusa Dua, Bali, the Emerald Getaway at Ubud, Bali and the SuperTrip at New York and Bermuda!