Amway General Terms and Conditions of Trade


    1. I/We will fully and promptly at all times observe and comply with the Rules of Conduct for IBOs (which incorporate the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan). Such Rules are available at Rules of Conduct
    2. Amway has a right to vary these General Terms and Conditions of Trade from time to time as it sees fit. Your continuing to trade with Amway after your renewal date will signify your agreement to be bound by the revised General Terms and Conditions of Trade. The most recent version can be viewed at the Amway website or obtained by contacting Amway on 0800 611 611.
    3. Delivery will be charged for the first instalment, unless order is a pick-up.
    4. Payment/Non-payment: A payment default will represent a breach of the Rules of Conduct. Where payment is for a payment plan, the conditions of the Payment Plan Application shall have effect.
    5. Any representation or nondisclosure in an application for terms payment arrangements will render the application void and the full amount payable.
    6. Notification of Default: Given that any non-payment or return of product will have an effect within the line of sponsorship, Amway reserves the right to notify your upline that a default has occurred, the value of the default, and that PV/BV will be deducted from the line of sponsorship as a consequences of the default.
    7. An indebted IBO who is in default may not be permitted to place orders unless the full amount outstanding is paid; any payments to Amway by an indebted IBO may be applied at Amway’s discretion against any debt outstanding in the name of the debtor.
    8. Where an IBO defaults in payment under a direct debit authority for more than 2 times in any one 12 month period, Amway will suspend this payment term for a minimum period of 6 months after which the IBO may apply for it to be reinstated.
    9. Credit Reference Enquiry: You agree that Amway may obtain a credit report about you from a credit reporting agency to assess your application for commercial credit under this instalment plan. Amway reserves the right to reduce or deny an IBO’s application for credit.
    10. Credit Card Expiry: If you have undertaken to pay terms instalments by credit card, Amway will endeavour to contact you prior to expiry of the card. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that your credit card remains current and available during the period of instalment deductions.
    11. Any cancellation or return of product other than for exchange or quality purposes will be subject to deduction of 5% freight and 5% handling charges, recovery of rebates or other commission payments and rework of PV/BV through the line of sponsorship. Refer to Amway’s 90 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy for more details.
    12. Return of IBO Introductory Product Pack: If the Introductory Product Pack is returned within 90 days of registering as an Amway IBO, and you wish to remain an IBO, you will incur a registration fee.
    13. Rebate Payments: Amway reserves the right to apply any Rebate payments or returned merchandise credit directly against any outstanding indebtedness.
    14. Dishonour Charge: Where a direct debit payment is not honoured by your bank we will charge you a $20 fee.
    15. Debt Recovery Cost: In any case of default, Amway reserves the right to record any reasonable costs incurred in recovering the debt from you.
    16. Bonus payments: Amway reserves the right to apply any bonus/rebate payments or returned merchandise credits directly against any outstanding indebtedness.
    17. Future Recovery Action: Should indebtedness not be cleared, Amway may refer the matter to a Collection Agency for recovery action. The indebted IBO will be liable for any costs associated with recovery.
    18. If a default does occur and you fail to pay any outstanding debt to Amway, you agree that Amway may report any outstanding debt owed to Amway to a credit reporting company and this listing will remain.
    19. Consequences of Default: At its direction, Amway reserves the right to withhold qualification for incentives payment, events and seminars and IBO qualification may be revoked.
      • “Supplier” is the IBO
      • “Supplies” is the provision of services for which bonuses are paid
      • “Recipient” is Amway of New Zealand or Amway Services New Zealand Limited
      19.1 The Supplier warrants that the Supplies are Taxable Supplies for GST purposes and will advise the Recipient should any Supplies be GST-free, input taxed or outside the scope of GST.


      19.2 The Recipient and Supplier agree that:


      19.2(a) The Recipient can issue Buyer Created Tax Invoices in respect of the Supplies;


      19.2(b) The Supplier will not issue Tax Invoices in respect of the Supplies;


      19.2(c) The Supplier acknowledges that it is GST registered when it supplies details of GST registration to the Recipient and it will notify the Supplier if it ceases to be registered;


    19.2(d) The Supplier indemnifies the Recipient for any liability to tax, overclaimed credits and penalties as a result of an error by the Recipient on any supply for which it issues a Buyer Creater Tax Invoice that might arise due to the failure of the Supplier to notify cessation of registration, or other Tax requirements;
  1. New Zealand and Australia form one Amway market. Your New Zealand business activity will be governed by the laws of New Zealand, the New Zealand IBO Rules of Conduct and these General Terms and Conditions of Trade. Your Australian business activity will be governed by the Laws of Australia, the Australian IBO Rules of Conduct and the Amway General Terms and Conditions of Trade for Amway of Australia.

  2. 21.1 In the event of any inconsistency between these General Terms and Conditions of Trade and the Rules of Conduct for Amway IBOs, the Rule of Conduct will prevail.
    21.2 In the event of any inconsistency between these General Terms and Conditions of Trade and the Terms of Conditions on any written agreement between Amway and an IBO, such as an Order Form placed by an IBO with Amway and accepted by Amway, the Terms and Conditions on the specific written agreement and the Rules of Conduct will prevail.
  3. Amway respects your privacy. Our Privacy Policy, which is accessible at Privacy Policy, describes how we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information. Our Privacy Policy also outlines how you can access or correct your personal information held by Amway, or make a complaint.

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