Australia and New Zealand Earnings Disclosure

The earnings information below shows how rewarding the Amway business opportunity can be. It helps prospective and current Independent Business Owners (IBO) assess the Amway business opportunity. IBOs come from all walks of life. Many are simply looking for a small additional income while for others the income can be much higher depending on the work and efforts invested. The Amway Core Plan is based on more than 60 years of success.

Earnings are generated in two ways:

  • Retail Profits: IBOs earn a Retail margin by successfully recommending products to Registered customers.
  • Bonuses: IBOs may earn a bonus based on the quantity of products they personally, or others they sponsored, successfully recommend to customers.

The table below shows the bonuses at certain IBO achievement levels in Amway’s Australia and New Zealand markets during the period from September 2021 to August 2022.

IBO level1 Monthly Average Bonus2 AUD Annual Average Bonus2 AUD Highest Annual Bonus2 AUD
Founders Emerald 8,498 101,971 108,399
Founders Platinum 3,100 37,198 84,267

These bonuses are neither guaranteed nor projected nor do they represent IBO profit. The figures given are gross and do not consider any state fees, taxes and other business expenses. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. Please note only IBOs, who have sufficient registration of their business activity with the local state and tax authorities, are eligible to receive bonus and any income deriving commission trade and/or intermediation of the sale of products.

Due to no new Founders Diamond in PY22, there is no data available.

Out of the total active IBOs registered in Australia & New Zealand in PY22, 0.15% qualified as new Founders Platinum in PY22 and on average, they achieved this level in 5 years.

As with any business a successful Amway business requires a high level of commitment.

1. Founders Platinum: IBOs qualified at Founders Platinum, Founders Ruby or Founders Sapphire respectively three (3) years in a row (Performance Year (PY) 2020, PY 2021 and PY 2022). Founders Emerald: IBOs qualified at Founders Emerald only three (3) years in a row (PY) 2020, PY 2021 and PY 2022). Includes only in market qualification legs, not international legs. Additional IBO levels below and above those shown here are also, eligible to receive bonuses.
2. Includes where applicable: Performance, Leadership, Foster Leadership, Ruby, Depth, Emerald, Diamond, Founders Achievement Award bonuses and Core Plus Discretionary Incentives+ (cash award components only – excludes value of Leadership Training Seminar and other Non-Cash Awards). All figures are gross payments, rounded to the nearest Euro, and exclude taxes.

Date of issue: July 2023