Amway Glossary


  • A

  • ABO

    Amway Business Owner (Same as IBO).

  • Achieve Magazine

    Magazine for Independent Business Owners with IBO recognitions, product and business information and more.

  • Achievers

    Business conference for qualified Platinums and above.

  • ADA

    American Head office in the town of ADA (near Grand Rapids in Michigan USA).

  • ALS

    Amway Leadership Seminar (Achievers).

  • AR

    An over or under payment that will be adjusted against the Bonus. AR is also a valid payment option.

  • ARCC

    Amway Regional Contact Centre.


    Trade name for Amway manufactured brand of makeup, skincare and fragances.


    ATMOSPHERE Air Purifier filters 99.99% of airborne pollutant particles at the touch of a button.

  • Automatic Renewal

    Provides IBOs a way to renew their business automatically each. IBOs will need to opt-in to Auto Renew.


    A fast, flexible and reliable way to create recurring orders.

  • Award Point Value

    The monthly Volume that is used to determine if a Distributor qualifies for a Silver Producer Award Month for a current month.

  • B

  • Backorder

    The ordering of temporarily out of stock items for delivery or pick up at a later date.

  • Bonus

    Monthly payment made to IBOs upon calculation of total personal group turnover.

  • Bonus Rate

    Is used for costing and calculating Margin After Bonus and Margin after Distribution. The bonus rate is a method of proportioning bonus cost into products' profitability - Rebate in NZ.

  • BSM

    Business Support Materials.

  • Business Builder

    An IBO that retails products and sponsors other IBOs in the Amway Business.

  • Bundles

    Special groupings of related products that are usually sold as part of a promotion.

  • Business Conferences

    A part of Amway incentives, IBOs are eligible to receive invitations to Business Conferences such as New Platinum Seminars and Achievers.

  • Business Support Materials

    Motivational and/or training aids independently produced and distributed by some IBOs for purchase by other IBOs. BSM may include books, magazines, audio tapes, video tapes, websites, meetings, and educational seminars.

  • BV

    Business Volume - Bonus Payments are calculated using this figure.

  • C

  • Catalogue Products

    Locally sourced non Amway manufactured Australian products.

  • Client

    Retail buyers (same as VIP Client).

  • Consignment Number

    Amway generated Invoice/Order Number on the Packing Slip of an order.

  • Core Line

    Products manufactured by Amway or branded with the Amway logo.

  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

    Any time you purchase a product through, you have the right to use it for a reasonable time (90 days) to determine whether it is satisfactory and whether you want to keep it.

  • Crown

    An award based on 18 Q6 Legs or 22 FAA points.

  • Crown Ambassador

    An award based on 20 Q6 Legs or 27 FAA points.

  • D

  • Damages

    Goods received damaged.

  • Diamond

    An Annual award based on 6 or more Personal, Foster or Internationally Sponsored qualified legs, eacg qualified for 6 months within a Performance Year.

  • Diamond Bonus

    To qualify for the annual Diamond Bonus, a Platinum IBO must personally or foster sponsor 6 x 21% groups in his own market, each of which qualifies at the 21% Performance Bonus level during at least 6 months of the performance year.

  • Diamond Plus Bonus

    A Diamond Plus Bonus is paid to each Platinum IBO who personally or foster sponsors 7 or more 21% groups whose volume qualifies for at least 6 out of 12 months of a given performance year.

  • Direct IBO

    An IBO Group leader who has consistently qualified at the 21% performance bonus level in accordance with the qualification criteria described in the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan - Platinum


    Amway's excluive brand of dish soap available in liquid and tablet.

  • Downline

    An IBOs downline of sponsorship.
    E.g. a newly recruited IBO is a downline of his/her sponsor.

  • Double Diamond

    An award based on 12 Q6 Legs or 14 FAA points.

  • Double X

    An exclusive Amway product, Double X is NUTRIWAY's leading multivitamin, , multi-mineral, phytonutrient supplement.

  • E

  • Exchange

    Process allowing for the swapping of stock. Must be the same price and PV/BV.

  • Emerald

    An Annual award based on 3 or more Personal, Foster or Internationally qualified legs, each qualified for any 6 months within a Peformance Year.

  • Emerald Bonus

    To qualify for the annually paid Emerald Bonus, a Platinum IBO must personally or foster sponsor 3 x 21% groups in his own market, each of which qualifies at the 21% Performance Bonus level for at least 6 months during the performance year.

  • eSpring

    An Amway exclusive brand, eSpring is the world's largest selling brand of in-home water treatment system. It combines a carbon block filter with the disinfectant power of Ultra-Violet (UV) light to destroy more than 99.99% of water-borne bacteria and viruses.

  • Executive Diamond

    An award based on 9 or more qualified in-market or International legs qualified for any 6 months in a Performance Year.

  • F

  • FAA

    Founders Achievement Award.

  • Fiscal Year

    Amway's fiscal year is 1 January to 31 January (Calendar Year).

  • Founders Crown

    An award based on achieving 18 Q12 Legs or 25 FAA points.

  • Founders Crown Ambassador

    An award based on achieving 20 Q12 Legs or 30 FAA points.

  • Founders Diamond

    An award based on achieving 6 Q12 Legs or 8 FAA points.

  • Founders Double Diamond

    An award based on achieving 12 Q12 legs or 16 FAA points.

  • Founders Emerald

    An award based on achieving 3 Q12 legs.

  • Founders Executive Diamond

    An award based on achieving 9 Q12 legs or 12 FAA points.

  • Founders Platinum

    An award based on achieving 12 Silver Producer months.

  • Founders Ruby

    An award based on achieving 2 x Maximum Performance Bonus and 12 months

  • Founders Sapphire

    An award based on achieving 2 Q plus 15% - 12 months.

  • Founders Triple Diamond

    An award based on achieving 15 Q12 Legs or 20 FAA points.

  • Frontline

    The IBOs that you personally register.

  • G

  • GIP

    Growth Incentive Program.

  • Gold Producer

    The 2nd Recognition award offered in the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan, awarded to Distributors who maintain Silver Producer for 3 months in a rolling 12-month period.

  • Group Point Value

    The montly total number of points used for the determination of the Performance Bonus Scheduled Level achieved and the calculation of the Performance Bonus. It includes a Distributor's own Point Value, plus Volume from non-21% legs.

  • H

  • Handling Charges

    Delivery fees - refer to current catalogue.

  • Health

    Products in the health category include NUTRIWAY®, Bodykey® and XS™ .

  • Homecare

    Household brands includging  SA8®, L.O.C™ and DISH DROPS™.

  • Hometech

    Includes eSpring®, ATMOSPHERE® and iCook®.

  • I

  • IBO

    Independent Business Owner - a person who has had their application approved by Amway. Each IBO must renew yearly. Only Amway IBOs are authorised to sell Amway products and sponsor new IBOs.

  • IBO Number

    A unique authorisation number assigned to all Amway IBOs to individually identify those in Amway records and databases.

  • IMC

    Abbreviation for IBO, Member and Client.

  • International Sponsor

    A Business Owner who sponsors a prospect who is living in another country.

  • J

  • K

  • KPI

    Key Performance Indicator

  • L

  • Lead

    Any letter or phone call coming from a client, indicating they want to purchase Amway products or want to become an IBO or Client. Details are taken and passed on to a leader who lives in the closest postcode to the enquirer.

  • Leadership Bonus

    The Leadership Bonus is paid each month by AMWAY to a qualified sponsor on the Personal Group BV of each 21% level group that he personally sponsors.

  • Leg

    A branch of senior IBOs downline group.
    E.g. An Emerald IBO will have three direct 'legs'.

  • LOA

    Line of Affiliation. A network of support systems for IBOs.

  • L.O.C

    The Amway Home L.O.C.® range gives you solution for every cleaning every surface in your home, without dangerous fumes and nasty residues.

  • LOS

    Line of Sponsorship.

  • M

  • Multiple Business

    A Distributor creates a Multiple Business by establishing a business in another market. Both businesses belong to the same Distributor. However, that Distributor must have a Foster Sponsor (local Sponsor).

  • N

  • NAW

    Not available at this warehouse.

  • NCA

    Non Cash Award (e.g. ALS trip).

  • New Platinum Seminar

    A business conference for New Platinums.

  • NLA

    No Longer Available - Inventory items that have been discontinued.

  • Non BV Product

    Product which does not earn Bonus or Points value. The product is exclusively for sale to IBOs (e.g. sales aides and literature).


    The global name for NUTRIWAY.


    Our brand of health products.

  • NYA

    Not Yet Available.

  • O

  • P

  • Partner Stores

    IBOs have access to exclusive benefits and discounts with our partners including Telstra, Click Energy, Hertz and many more.

  • Performance Bonus

    An IBO earns a Performance Bonus each month based on total BV of all products purchased throughout the month. This is a percentage bonus between 3% and 21%, varying according to an IBOs total monthly PV. The greater the total monthly BV, the greater the Performance Bonus.

  • Performance Bonus Schedule

    Qualification schedule that shows the levels at which Amway pays its Performance bonuses.

  • Personal Group

    All IBOs registered under a particular business down to the first Silver Producer or Platinum.

  • Personal Group Volume (PGV)

    The personal PV/BV for you and your group.

  • Personal Volume

    Point Value (PV) and Business Volume (BV) attributed to a Distributor for purchases from Amway.

  • Pin Level

    Levels of achievement and reward, depending on business growth. Pin level starts at Silver Producer.

  • Platinum

    The 3rd award offered by Amway. The Platinum level is for distributors who achieve 6 Silver Producer month during a performance year.

  • Points

    Each product is allocated a number of points for volume qualification purposes (see PV & BV).

  • POS

    Point of Sale

  • PPV

    Personal Point Value

  • Prospect

    Someone who is interested in becoming an Amway IBO or Client.

  • PV

    Point Value - PV establishes an IBOs qualification. All performance bonus, pin awards and NCAs are based on point value qualifications being achieved.

  • PV/BV Ratio

    The ration of Point Value to Business Volume

  • Q

  • R

  • Red Hot Offer

    A special offer day held on an ad hoc basis in the Business Centre.

  • Registration

    The process of becoming an IBO or Client.

  • Renewal

    The process of renewing an Amway IBOship on an annual basis.

  • Retail Commission

    IBOs earn a commission (or profit) for making a sale to retail customer.

  • Retail Markup

    The difference between the amount you pay for products and the recommended retail price.

  • Retail Price (RRP)

    The price at which IBOs sell Amway products to their customers.

  • RMA

    Return Merchandise Authorisation - A document which authorises an IBO to return product to Amway within the 90 day return policy.

  • Rolling 12-month Period

    A period used for Gold Producer qualification and first time qualification for Platinum.

  • Ruby

    An Amway award that recognises high group Volume, equal to 2% of the qualifying Ruby Volume.

  • Ruby Bonus

    A Ruby Bonus, equal to 2% of that month’s total Ruby BV, will be paid to a qualified IBO.

  • Ruby Volume

    The qualifying Volume that counts towards the Ruby Pin and/or Bonus.

  • Rules of Conduct

    Rules of Conduct work to protect all IBOs in conducting their business. These rules work to support, guide and protect you, and also protect Amway, so the company can continue to grow and succeed.

  • S

  • Sales and Marketing Plan

    The sales promotion and remuneration system by which an IBO builds an Amway Business. Based on marketing and sponsoring.

  • Sapphire

    An award that recognises Distributors for their efforts and for developing downline leaders.

  • Silver Producer

    The first Recognition award offered by Amway and the first qualifying step towards Platinum.

  • Six-Month Inactivity Rule

    The steps an IBO must follow to register under a new sponsor and includes being completely inactive for 6 months.

  • SKU

    Stock Keeping Unit - individual product. Has unique stock number and VS number.

  • SOP

    Standing Order Program

  • Sponsor

    One who introduces a new IBO or Client to the Amway Business. The sponsor is then responsible for helping the new IBO progress in Amway.

  • T

  • TNA

    Temporarily Not Available - a stock item which is out of supply for a period of time.

  • Triple Diamond

    An award based on achieving 15 Q6 Legs or 18 FAA points.

  • U

  • Uplift

    A promotion offered by Amway whereby PV/BV is offered at a 10% increase.

  • Upline

    IBO further up in the line of sponsorship (i.e. may be the direct sponsor or the sponsors sponsor etc).

  • V

  • VS Number

    Unique number associated with product for ease of ordering.

  • Volume IMC

    IBOs can designate that the volume for the order to be credited to themselves or another IBO.

  • W

  • Warehouse Code

    Identifying code for each warehouse or location where stock is held.

  • Wholesale Price

    The price at which Amway sells its products to IBOs.

  • X

  • Y

  • Z

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