Centre for Optimal Health

The Centre for Optimal Health is a state-of-the-art, world-class teaching and training facility. Spanning over 3,000m² of space and two levels, it is where science, nutrition and fitness collide to produce a unique, interactive and highly personalised experience, focused on personal health.

It is also the home of the NUTRILITE Health Institute (NHI) - a worldwide collaboration of experts dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health through research, education, and practical, yet personalised solutions.


What does Optimal Health mean to you?

Is it the image of a typical runway model, or the highly defined muscles of a body builder? Often, these two looks are achieved through unhealthy measures and do not necessarily define the health of an individual.

In our mission to re-invent and re-educate the world on optimal health, we understand that it’s not about how you physically look, but about how your body feels on the inside that matters. How you cater for your body’s nutritional requirements is what allows you to stay and live healthily, for longer. Optimal health is the best level of health you can achieve, taking into consideration your lifestyle factors, genetic composition and heritage.

As a society, improper lifestyles have been linked to high rates of chronic disease, globally; there has never been a more crucial time to achieve Optimal Health. We believe every person can achieve their best self by proactively living and maintaining a lifestyle that reduces the risk of chronic diseases and their underlying causes – especially those that are that are hereditary.

No two individuals will live to the same age due to various lifestyle and genetic factors, but the earlier that people address the specific needs for their body and create the foundations for a healthier future, the better quality of life they will experience. It’s never too late to take the first steps to make necessary changes to your health for a better future.

Whilst it is not possible to alter our DNA (yet) to erase the physical damage our bodies have incurred over time, it is possible to reverse some of the damage through changes in our current environment and lifestyle. Armed with the knowledge, technology and professional expertise from the Centre of Optimal Health, the NHI are able to guide and arm you with the knowledge to unlock your best, healthy self.


8 Pillars of The Optimal Health Revolution
  • Reduce risk factors for chronic disease
  • Regular, consistent exercise
  • Adequate intake of vitamins and minerals
  • Positive mental attitude
  • Adequate sleep
  • Good medical care
  • Environmental hygiene
  • Good macronutrition

The optimal health revolution is about winning a longer life and living in better health.