IBO Support: Coronavirus (COVID-19)


It is a difficult time for all of us, and while we’re all on a path to recovery, Amway is doing our bit to help by adhering to government regulations and ensuring safe, hygienic standards. We have an 8 Point Action Plan to help IBOs as well.


All products can now be ordered at amway.co.nz. There is a limit of 4 individual items from our 13 top products to ensure products are fairly shared and available.


Home delivery

Please allow up to 5 extra days for home delivery. It is a busy time for Post Haste and other delivery companies. They are working hard to deliver your products safely to you.

Auckland Business Centre

The Auckland Business Centre is only open to collect pre-ordered Click & Collect orders. Click here for opening hours and more details will be announced later this week.

Please call us on 0800 611 611 if you have any concerns or need any further information.

We are here to support you

During these difficult times, we have been listening to IBOs on how we can best support you. IBOs said they wanted:

Practical help to achieve their business goals

Rewards for regular deliveries

Tips for staying connected whilst being home

More help for new IBOs, more flexibility and more incentives

8 Point Action Plan

To support IBOs over the coming weeks, Amway has developed the 8 Point Action Plan.

1) 20% PV Uplift

Helping you achieve your business goals for March

  • Get a 20% PV Uplift on all products: 12:01am Wednesday 25 March - 11:59pm Sunday 29 March
  • Order online at amway.co.nz
2) 10% PV Uplift & Free Delivery on Autoship

So you are rewarded for regular deliveries

  • Get a 10% PV Uplift & Free Delivery when you order through Autoship from 1 April - 30 June
  • Available to all IBOs
  • Minimum 100 PPV to qualify
  • All products are available.
  • Need help to set up your Autoship order? Watch this video.
3) Stay Connected: Virtual Consultations, Facebook Live, Zoom, Webinars
  • With so many people staying at home and keeping their social distance, there has never been a better time to use technology to stay connected
  • So hold a virtual meeting using Zoom or Facebook Live
  • Engage with your friends, family and team with WeChat, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger
  • Learn at home with our 44 webinars covering product training, business updates plus tools & tips to stay connected. Check out available webinars now.
  • Need help to stay connected? Visit amway.co.nz/dashboard/stay-connected.
5) Celebrate entrepreneurship
  • New digital campaign to attract prospects to become IBOs through our new Leads program
  • While IBOs are at home, they can also see positive social and digital messages
  • Let’s celebrate entrepreneurship and support people who are looking for a new opportunity, better options or a side-hustle
  • 14 April - 31 May
6) $25 Free Product Coupon
  • All new IBOs will receive a $25 free product coupon
  • It can be redeemed on any order over $25 after registration
  • Valid for 90 days
  • 1 April - 30 August
7) Artistry Studio Sale
  • Get 30% off ARTISTRY Studio New York, Paris and Bangkok collections while stocks last
  • 28 April - 31 May
8) Core Plus Multipliers and Two Time Cash Incentives
  • The Multipliers are massive and a huge game-changer
  • These will be shared in April to Diamonds and announced to all IBOs in May
  • Multipliers apply for the Bronze Foundation, Bronze Builder, Personal Group Growth and Frontline Growth Incentives
  • Two Time Cash Incentives are for New Platinum through to New Founders Diamond qualifiers
  • IBOs can plan for a spectacular 1 September onwards
This 8 Point Action Plan is in addition to what we have already announced:
  • Core Plus - the biggest investment in IBO compensation for 15+ years
  • Achievers in Europe - a 1st time ever Achievers trip to Europe in 2021
  • ARTISTRY Tokyo Collection launched on 27 March
  • All new Chart Your Course coupons now valid for 90 days (up from 30)
  • Free Click & Collect - fast & convenient until 31 July

We will keep listening to IBOs and keep delivering new promotions and support over the coming weeks and months.

Please be assured we are here to support you 100%.

Remember our business helps people live better, more enriched lives - and this extra money is more welcome than ever before.

Our products help people live healthier lives - and they are more important than ever before.

Please contact us on 0800 611 611 for any help or support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still be paid my rebate?

Yes, you will still be paid your earned rebate on time.

Is the Auckland Business Centre open?

Yes, the Auckland Business Centre is now open with all facilities available. Safety measures have been implemented to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all IBOs and employees.

Is your Warehouse open?

Our Auckland Warehouse is now open for the delivery of all Amway products.

You can now order products at amway.co.nz and the products will be delivered.

Please allow up to 5 extra days for delivery, given the backlog of orders and how busy the hard-working delivery team is at Post Haste (following all the government regulations, prioritising medical supplies and ensuring your order reaches you safely).

I have a product I want to return. What do I do?

Please contact us on 0800 611 611 and we will assist. Please allow extra time for us to safely process your return.

Don’t worry as we have extended our returns period for a further 30 days.

Is there any limit on how many products I can order?

Yes, there is a limit of 4 individual items per product purchased per day from 13 products focused on health and cleaning. The full list is here.

Are there tips for using social and digital technology?

Yes, please visit amway.co.nz/dashboard/stay-connected.

I missed previous emails and notifications. Where are they?

Check your Message Centre for updates, or view one of our recent email communications below.

How can I get help?

Our customer service team has extended hours if you need any help or support. Please contact us on 0800 611 611 from 11am - 7pm, Monday - Friday.

What are you doing to support the community?

We have donated 20,000 meals in Australia to help support those most in need right now: essential workers, the homeless and vulnerable people in our community. We hope these meals will be an extra help to those doing it tough. Special thanks to all the amazing volunteers at OzHarvest for helping us achieve this.